Worsley Works 2mm

Below is Julia Adams blow by blow account of building the Worsley Works Flying Banana which she posted on her RMWeb Community Blog and is reproduced here with her permission

Flying Banana - Part I

10 July 2010
Posted by -missy-


Like so many 2mm bods I have gained quite a bit of enthusiasm from last weekends 2mm Expo (July 2010 so, taking a break from the layout for a short while I have taken on another engine.


At the Expo I picked up a 2mm Scale GWR Diesel Railcar aka 'Flying Banana' and armed with the book 'Great Western Diesel Railcars' by J.H.Russell I have made a start...



So far all I can say is OMG this is going to be a little more difficult than I first thought. I have had to make a couple of new bulkheads at the cab ends as the ones on the etch didnt fit too well plus I have decided to make a floor from thin PCB but WOW, the ends really are origami in brass! I can now totally understand why Allen (of Worsley Works) says that he struggled with the kit. There are plenty of nice compound curves to think about. Right now I have been trying to figure out how the flat end windows change into a nice curve at the bottom!

I am carrying on though...

Missy :)





Hello :) It wasnt worth adding another blog entry but here are the results of the day.




I am still in shock that this has taken me ALL day!




The normal 'these are cruel enlargements' stands fast here and I know the top of the windscreen on the left is slightly out but at least I now have a template for forming the curved bit on the other end. It took a fair bit of tweaking today to get this far.

Part 2