Worsley Works 3mm Southern Railway Maunsell Coaches

Pullman Coach built and described by Steve Fackrell


This kit I got from Worsley Works some time ago.

It will be used as a camping coach initially.

All of Worsley Works 3mm scale coach kits come as sides, ends, chassis and a roof. The first three are etched brass and the roof an Aluminum extrusion.Seen here are the component parts.

The chassis has had the sides bent up through 90 degrees, these help hold the sides square.

The solebars have been soldered in place, the centre parts haven't been folded down yet as I need to trim the chassis to length.


The second photo shows the vestibules have been folded and tabs soldered into place. These fit on top of the chassis and have the two sides soldered to them. Then the chassis can be trimmed, the buffer beams attached and the centres for bogies drilled out if the etched ones aren't in the right place.

Soldering these kits together is simple as they almost always fit as they are designed to.

Society Compensating 10ft Bogies will be made, these are a lovely etch by MJT. Right more building then the lot must be put away for the next modelling session-at least I know where it will all be.


Started to assemble the sides to the vestibule ends previously seen. Its really a matter of getting the sides square to the ends and soldering into place. I run a fine line of flux along the joint and add solder rather than try adding multicore . I find it easier and there is no need for a third hand.

Then the chassis is made.


The chassis comes in an etch with the main floor, which have wings which fold up to hold the body square. The solebars are folded up and added to the floor, I use a strip of hardwood with square edges to fold and to hold for soldering . The underside is seen here with the screws holding the body in place.Next is to find the centre of the chassis in order to find the position for the bogies. Helpfully the side to side centre is already marked aiding positioning. Once these are marked and drilled the truss bars can be folded down and a fillet of solder added for strength and keep them in place.

The roof will be a challenge as the ends are domed and the vestibule has a different radius.