Worsley Works Irish

NIR Class 70 DMU

Built by Colm Flannegan
The power car is on a lengthened Lima DMU under frame and the coaches are both Mainline LMS.
Added detail by Southern Pride and some DC kits bits.

Another one this time built by David Orr

"...............Built using etch sides supplied by Worsley works (thanks to Allen for his assistance) on Mk1 coach for Power Car and LMS coaches for trailers. There is some work to be completed on front of power car, buffer beam, jumper cables name plates etc. and the coaches still require interiors. The unit is unpowered at present I'm awaiting the release or Replica Railways 57ft power unit later in the year. I plan to make it a six car unit. "

It all happened after a conversation at Cultra last October, I was able to get him copies of the drawings and some photos.

He was kind enough to also supply a number of name plates as a bonus they are:-

River Maine (75), Bann (78), Braid (77), Foyle (72), Bush (71), and Inver (76) I'm undecided yet which to use!

When the 70s first entered service in 1966,they were turned out in a livery of deep red below window level and a deep red trim above window level and oyster grey between the deep reds.To the naked eye,the colours were like maroon and cream.

Around 1974 onwards,the units started to appear in the maroon and dark blue livery,which they carried to their grave apart from No 72 River Foyle,which along with 725 and driving trailer 701,which is the one that has been modelled here also,were painted in the Sealink livery in 1983,to promote the link from Larne to Stranraer, BR painting one of their trains in the same colours also.Typical with NIR, it did not just remain on the Larne to York Rd route and found its way unto GNR metals, not that they were any strangers to the GNR as they were on Enterprise duty from 1969 until the arrival of the Hunslets in 1970.