Worsley Works Irish

NIR Parcel Van by Keiran Lagan

Allen Doherty of Worsley Works did an etch for me of a NIR Parcel Van.

These van were ex MED Trailers 508, 511 -513 and were re numbered in 1975 to 631-634.

I finally got around to starting on my Worsley Works Parcel Van brass etchings. I have to confess right away that I had help
in the form of a master class on how to soldier brass and it was my tutor who did all the hard bits leaving me to run the
soldering iron over the pieces.
I used an old Airfix coach as a donor and a good bit of it had to be cut away to allow the 3 doorways on either side.
A first coat of primer which showed any gaps to be filled.
A little bit of colour helps a lot.
Waiting on decals from Railtec before finishing it off.
Parcel Van Completed.

Took on board the advice on the gangways and "plated them up" I also took some of the height of the roof vents.

Railtec provided the decals and I must mention Steve was very helpful in getting them right.