Worsley Works Garden Railways

Dick Ker Petrol Electric in 16mm Scale
Built by John Marriot
from a Worsley Works Kit

Notes from John

Essel Dick Kerr chassis.

Speed controller is Rail Boss basic by GScalegraphics.net from T&M Models.

I made my own battery packs to fit body with 12 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries.

Fitted recharging socket and switch to Essel chassis side frames (Photos show this).

Planet T5 radio and receiver with receiver fitted between chassis side frames under what becomes the cab with double sided tape.

Airbrushed with Humbrol acrylic 123 grey over Halfords white primer.
Lifting beam from brass rod and U channel.

Roundhouse type couplers which bolt through body and chassis to bolt them together.

Have a look at one built by Nigel Cooper