Kerr Stuart Diesel Locomotive in 4mm Scale
Built by Roger Christian from a Worsley Works kit

Kerr Stuart Diesel - Left



Notes from Roger:-

The kit went together fine with a little planning to build sub-assemblies first.

The bonnet, then the radiator/ front cab sheet, then the footplate followed by the rear cab sheet to the footplate.

The rear cab sheet definitely needs 1mm x1 mm brass angle to help and strengthen that sub-assembly.

I then attached the cab sides to the front and then the bonnet to the completed cab.



Kerr-Stuart Diesel Locomotive - Right




That assembly was offered to the footplate with a little filing to the tabs.

The louvres etc went on next and lastly the roof.

That in a nutshell is how I did it.

I have adapted the the footplate to take a Japanese 'Caramel' chassis.

It is not really ideal but I had one to hand, they are supposed to operate on 6V only!

Kerr-Stuart Diesel Locomotive - Back

Rear of kit showing the detail of the radiator grill

Completed body with chassis

The completed loco and chassis with template to cut the floor to take the motor




You could try the Brian Madge DU09140

14mm wheelbase with 7.5mm wheels

It fits nicely into the body

Brian Madge Industrial Narrow Gauge Models