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Reviews from the 2019 MWE at Banbury

Thank you very much for organising such a good weekend in Banbury. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with a most agreeable bunch of fellow modellers in a great atmosphere. I made good progress with my Sub and will let you know when it is all done and running.

For myself the weekend was a chance to get my mind and hands working again after a long layoff from modelling and being there has certainly done the trick. I hope to be able to join you all again next year and would recommend the weekend to anyone who asked about it.

With any pastime it is often your fellow travellers who make the whole thing worth while and I give all concerned a definite 5 stars.

Thank you for all the work that you put in to arranging a most enjoyable and productive weekend.

The hotel rooms and food were excellent and the helpful atmosphere helped me achieve some modelling progress and gave me uninterrupted time to think through N Gauge work I needed to sort out and plan.

I returned home with the benefit of help and suggestions from other modellers and a clear path to complete my projects.

Thank you again.


Reviews following our 2013 MWE in Derby

" I always look forward to the Worsley Works Modellers Weekend and the extra excitement of a new venue this year at the Hallmark Hotel and guess what not a card shop insight. It was nice catching up with fellow attendees some who I've not seen since the previous year.

I took along some of the Presflow kits to put together using the Andrew Thomas underframe as I had not made any of the rake I have in flat packs. It looked a bit involved and I sometimes struggle with the instructions but as is the case the is always someone in the modeling room that has been there done that and got the t shirt or failing that two heads are better than one if you are not quite sure when following the instruction sheet.

So if you have got a kit in the bottom of your draw but too afraid to start putting it together get yourself on one of these weekends and expel your demons! looking forward to next years already in the mean time 'keeeep' on modeling!"


This was my third weekend and in addition to good food, great camaraderie and very agreeable accommodation, I continue to learn at a pace. What an opportunity to meet some really experienced modellers and pick up tips which would take years to acquire any other way. Lastly when would I otherwise get 18 hours of modelling in!?


This was the best quality hotel yet from all the weekends we have attended, this includes the room,food and modellers room. Access to the shops was very good and being so close to the station and bus station gave options for the ladies. The usual chat ( and modelling ) that took place in the modelling room made this another very successful weekend. We would definitely like to return to this hotel.

Peter and Chris

As a relative newcomer to 'proper railway modelling', as opposed to buying shiny boxes from the model shop with an occasional kit, and also to 3mm, I have found the Modellers Weekend to be an invaluable opportunity to tap into several centuries worth of practical expertise and knowhow. Whether building track, rolling stock or locos there will be someone who can offer friendly advice based on genuine experience; there are no armchair 'modellers' here! Add to this the convivial atmosphere extended equally to first-timers or old hands, modellers or partners and the only question you should be asking is where is the next one.

Thanks again from both of us


Just wanted to thank you for the twentieth time for arranging yet another great weekend.

Having organized many a sales conference for Macmillan Publishers (150 bodies plus) when I worked for them I for one know only to well the huge amount of effort that goes into getting these things off the ground.

Touring round the country looking for suitable locations for a start is just the beginning.

Thanks once again.

Kind regards,


The Modellers Weekend was a great event with a good spirit of camaraderie amongst the 30 plus participants.

Several people, including me, found they had forgotten some things but somebody else was able to help out.

There was a wide variety of expertise to help out with new techniques.

The variety of scales and prototypes being modelled were 7mm 4mm 3mm N Gauge and included steam and electric trams, N Gauge LMS, 4mm scale industrial. This meant there was a lot to see and provide food for thought.

The hotel food was good,

It's position had been carefully chosen so that it was close to a real ale pub.


It was good to catch up with friends made at previous weekends and see what they are up to at the present time.

There were a few people who asked for and got help with items and approaches to soldering and other modelling techniques they were not fully conversant with.

All in all the weekends do what you originally set them up for.


Thank you for organising an excellent weekend.

The hotel was most comfortable and enabled me to progress on a number of projects not least batch production of chassis kits.

The proximity of such a large number of fellow modellers with vastly more experience than I was an inspiration especially when they offer simple easy solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems.

"Now why didn't I think of that" being the catchphrase for the weekend!!!


A very enjoyable weekend, with good company, much modelling talk and even some modelling as well.

Highly recommended.

All the Best,


Allen, thank you for once again organising a great weekend, those on our table were all sorry that due to other commitments, we were unable to stay for the Sunday.

As always a great venue in which to catch up with old friends for a chat and do some modelling.

We are already looking forward to your anniversary year and to the 2015 celebration.


Jim, Steve, David and Susan.

It was just like it says on the tin, "Learning new skills- Making new friends"

A comfortable hotel, good food, a light and airy modelling room.

There was so many knowledgeable modellers in that room willing to help solve any modelling problem.


Just a brief note to thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable and productive weekend at the Derby Hallmark Hotel.
This was only my second modellers’ weekend, but certainly won’t be my last!

As a relative beginner in the hobby, I am very appreciative of the help and support, from both yourself, and also of the modellers in the group, more experienced than myself (ie, the entire group) who freely give tips and advice, which would take forever to glean from books & magazines.

There is a friendly buzz (not just from Andrew’s Dremmel!) in the modelling room, with a good deal of friendly banter, which makes the time seem to fly past. Even so I was delighted with the amount of work which I managed to achieve over the weekend; with 3 Mk II coach bodies and an 04 shunter body constructed, both in 3mm scale, (other scales also being catered for).

My wife Marylyn, for whom this was her first visit enjoyed meeting the modellers and partners, and we found the evening meals and breakfasts enjoyable and convivial.

Very best wishes Alan & Marylyn Clark

Thanks to Allen yet again for organising another very successful Modellers Weekend. Christine and I have been to all 20 and it is one of the highlights of our year. 45 of us sat down for dinner on Saturday night so it was a very sociable as well as productive modelling weekend. We were there for 4 days. The hotel was comfortable and the staff made as very welcome. I don't know about outside, I didn't feel the need to venture out.

Looking forward to the 21st Modellers Weekend celebrations in 2014 and the 3mm Society's 50th anniversary in 2015.

John and Christine

We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Thought the hotel was the nicest one yet and was handy next to a railway line. Plenty of hotel parking places this time. We got an extra spacious room which was lovely. The food was satisfactory, considering the number of people in the group, albeit not quite as good as the food at the previous hotel. We shared a table with same folk as previous thus the conversation flowed and on the second night we made some new acquaintances. On whole good value for money apart from the alcohol prices.

On arrival at the hotel, we immediately went outside exploring. The nearby area was very nice, with old railway cottages and we soon found the Brunswick pub, that we been recommended on Trip Advisor. What a little gem this is, well actually not quite so little, with umpteen quality local real cask ales and delicious sandwiches etc.

Our modelling room was huge in comparison to previous venues and it was great to be able to spread out. This room also had windows so, all in all, it was a good environment to work in. I was privileged to a personal coach building session from Allen, for which I am most grateful.

Diane hopped for a train ride on the Saturday. £5 something bought a return ticket to Matlock with the opportunity to stop at intermediate stations too. A farmers market was visited at Matlock and stops made to Matlock Bath and Cromford Mill. Apparently, there are also two preserved railways to be seen from this line. The only regret was that she didn't venture on the Sunday instead of sticking around. The weather forecast had been bad but turned out to be incorrect so other places like Belper could have been visited. There is also a decent train service to Nottingham. Lots to see and do on these lines.

Ray and Diane

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The next Railway Modellers Weekend

Worsley Works Railway Modellers Weekend
Reviewer Andrew Shillito on .
An excellent weekend run by Worsley Works
I have been every year and really enjoyed this one

Rating: 5.0