Worsley Works N Gauge Diesel Multiple Units, DMU's

Sides only for a range of DMU's can be produced in "N"

Ends can be provided if required

If you cannot see what you are looking for why not let us know

If you required them to fit a specified 'donor' body.You can either send the body with the order or send us the required dimensions.

Internal ends with steps can be provided @ £2 pr pair

LMS Period 3 Stanier Coaches
GWR Coaches
LNER Coaches
Freightliner Bogie Flats
Hopper Wagons
BR Mark 1
BR Mark 2
BR Mark 3
BR Blue Pullman
Diesel Locomotives
Steam Locomotives
First Generation DMU's
Electric Multiple Units/
Diesel Electric Multiple Units

2mm Kits

Why not have a look at our 3mm list and 'ask' for something different