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Produced to fit as many coaches in the range as possible. Designed around a 64' floor pan with trussing representative of the angular type. it has queen posts set at 9' centres and includes two types of 'V' hanger and an LMS cross trust

Bulleid Fits all 64' coaches

GWR Late Type Fits the Hawksworth and the longer coaches of Collets later period

GWR Early Type Fits the Collet coaches and the later Steel Toplights

GWR Long Fits all the 70' coaches with trust angle underframe

BR Mark 1 Fits all the 63'6 Coaches An additional Trussing is available for the 57'

Pullman Fits the 1928 Stock

Pr-Grouping 60 x 8' and 60' x 8'6"

COACH ROOF - £2 00 per length