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A insight into what went on at the
12th Modellers Weekend
The Esplanade Hotel
14/15/16th September 2005

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The Railway Modellers Weekend

The Worsley Works Table.

The gone for lunch sign covers our efforts for the day. A Pub based on photographs of those found in the north of Scotland. The PVA adhesive and hot glue gun are ideal for modelling in card

The 10mm scale LNWR coach at the back of the table was build by one of the other modellers from a Worsley Works kit. See below



The Parkside wagons built on this table
have been put away in favour of the
10mm scale LNWR Coach which can be seen in the background.

See above



A set of signals are taking shape for a Southern based third rail electric system



Two Class 04 Diesels and a Cravens Parcels Car in a weekend.

One of the benefits of attending a Worsley Works Modellers Weekend

More images



A Midland Railway Deeley Compound starts to take shape



Evidence of a tidy modeller.

Coffee was the usual order, well during the day it was




A good modeller never blames his tools




Plastic Card being put to good use for a range of buildings.

Space will need to be cleared before the start of the next building session






The Britannia chassis being built here is away being discussed at another table.

Cooperation at it's best



An Inter-City 125 taking shape. - Images





A GWR signal box mixes card, plastic card and brass to good effect. The widows will slide in brass channels.


An LMSR Jubilee Class 4-6-0 under construction.

The evidence hard work involved is backed up by the 'Sport' drink in the background.




Even more wagons




So that's where all the bits go.

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