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Railway Modellers Weekend 2009

An insight into what went on at the
16th Worsley Works Modellers Weekend
The Esplanade Hotel

23rd, 24th, 25th, October 2009

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The Railway Modellers Weekend


Penrhyn Quarry Railway Workmans Coach in 7mm Scale

No less than six Rotherham Single Ended Trams are starting to take shape

Modern Outline Kits BR Standard 2-6-4 Tank in 7mm Scale

3.5mm Scale Dacauville Coaches before and after

Irish Vans in 3mm scale from home made masters

Class 101 DMU in 3mm Scale

I wish I could get these Black 5's finished

New Chassis for 3mm scale wagons. Yet another project from the 3mm Society

A mock up of the bridge at Willaston Station soon to be replaced by a kit from Worsley Works

A second Fairburn 2-6-4 Tank under construction

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