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A insight into what went on at the
13th Modellers Weekend
The Esplanade Hotel Llandudno
This was our second year at this venue

Want to join us in next time

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The Railway Modellers Weekend

Sun, sea, sand and solder were again present in abundance.

Need a walk to fresh up. What more could you have asked for.

Llandudno Front

The Worsley Works Table.

Irish coaching stock is in the main wider than standard 'British' coach.
With these two Worsley Works kits we have Comet Models roofs
cut down the middle. A strip of brass is then stuck underneath to
maintain the new width and the resulting gap fill in. when the filler
has dried the roof was sanded down




If you are going to solder you need a soldering iron.

This is what you call 'being prepared'.



This modeller didn't plan to run out of solder



Of course there are always building to be made from card



A 3mm Society Jubilee started last year

has been brought back for some more work.



The larger scales were in evidence




Compare the same chassis in 7mm and 3mm scales




A BrynKits 0-6-0 Collett takes shape






A Worsley Works 08


More of the 08



A closer look at the 08 showing the rivet detail






If you are going to get it right you need the reference material




So this is what they call a flat pack



More 7mm. A LYR Saddle Tank






And there's more


Of course if you are going to build big you need the right equipment


Compensating wagons in 3mm scale

Etching are available from the 3mm Society

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