Worsley Works 3mm
Designing Model Railway kits is now my hobby and as I have not done any
serious "railway modelling" for a number of years

I now feel it is about time I started to sell of some of the kits I have accumulated over the years

As I was planning quite a large layout I bought a lot of kits

Prices are lower than currant and I am open to realistic offers

3mm Society Locomotive Kits
LMS Stanier Class 2-8-0 Tender Locomotive
Body on 012" brass Chassis on 0.018" n/s
    * £20 00
LMS Stanier 4500 gallon Tender     * £10 00
LMS 2P Loco Body     * £6 00
LMS/LYR Barton Wright Loco and Tender Chassis in n/s       £5 00
MR/LMS/BR 2F 0-6-0 Tender Engine inc castings     £39 00
L&Y Large Boiler Class 31 0-8-0 Tender Engine LMS 6F/7F inc castings     £39 00
Plastic Wagon Kits        
BR Conflat A     ** £3 00
LNER 17'6" Good or Fruit Van     *** £4 00
MR/LMS 20Ton Brake Van     *** £5 00
SR 17'6" Ventilated Van - Uneven Planks     *** £4 00
GWR 20Ton Toad Brake Van     *** £5 00
LMS 17'6" Van Verticle Planked, corrogated ends Dia 1832     *** £4 00
*** Sides, ends, floor, roof and chassis
** Sides ends floor and chassis

Haywood Primary Collection LNWR 57' Eliptical Roof Coach Sides

Corridor Brake Third Dia 312     * £3 00
Corridor Composite Dia 133     * £3 00
Finney and Smith        
LMS 20T 16'w/b Stanier Brake Van inc castings   *  
Plastic Wagon Kits
1887 RCH Gloucester 7 Plank Side & End Door Wagon       £11 00
1923 RCH 8 Plank Side & End Door Wagon       £11 00
LMS/LNER/RCH 1923 Spec. 16'6" 7 Plank Mineral Open with, Side + Bottom doors.
Two kits, one wooden frame and one steel frame
      £12 00
Ian Kirk        
LMS 50' Parcels Van       £7 00
Etched Brass *        

Still a lot more to come so keep looking

I may have a kit you are looking for. Why not ask





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